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Cantilevered Solutions

Dwellop have a cantilevered well intervention solution and a cantilevered WOR solution which enables cost-effective and safe well intervention, work-over and P&A operations from jack-ups or liftboats.  

Dwellop Cantilevered Well Intervention

The cantilevered well intervention solution enables coil tubing and wireline operations in a quick and efficient manner. All equipment on the cantilever will be pre-tested and installed prior to the vessel arriving on location. This will reduce rigging time and give a smooth and efficient operation compared to conventional ways of doing these operations


Dwellop Cantilevered WOU

The Cantilever WOU system are hydraulic powered, Rack & Pinion hoisting and a Pipe Handling System that will run and handle range 3 drillpipe up to 14,5 meter length. The cantilevers has a pulling capacity of 250mt and the capacity to drill wells up to 15 000 feet.

The units all come with their own mud-package, which is flexible with regards to customer requirements. The units are delivered with a custom fit-to-purpose skidding system to skid between the different wells on the platform. The Units can be delivered fully Norsok compliant and CE marked.

Cantilever solution can also be fitted on a variation of jack ups. The cantilever can be designed for extended reach and parts of the mud system can be fitted into the hull of the jack up or modularized and installed on the top deck of the jack up.

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