Stand Alone Solutions

Dwellop have a slim stand alone solution for P&A operations, the Dwellop P&A Unit, and a stand alone Work-Over Unit, the Dwellop WOU, for heavey well intervention.


Dwellop P&A Unit

The Dwellop P & A unit is designed with the main purpose to cut, pull and handle sections of tubing, casing and conductors in a cost-effective and safe manner. The P&A unit includes a jacking assembly with pull capacity up to 300MT to jack all sizes of casing, tubing and pipe that is required for the actual P&A operations.

When the pipe has been pulled out of hole the joint will be laid down on the integrated pipe deck by the use of an A-frame with gripper tool that allows for safe handling of tubular ranging from drill pipes to conductors. The A-frame system will also be able to pick up drill pipe from integrated pipe deck and run in hole for various operations.

Operations that can be performed in the well by the use of drill pipe will include, but not be limited to: setting environmental cement plug, setting mechanical downhole plugs, well testing and perforate and wash operations if required. P &A system can also be interfaced and adapted to circulation equipment to expand operation envelope, or used solely as a cutting and pulling unit after plugging of the wells has been performed by others.



Dwellop WOU

The 250 MT capacity WOU are hydraulic powered, Rack & Pinion hoisting and a Pipe Handling System that will handle up to range 3 drill pipe. The units all come with their own mud-package, which is flexible with regards to customer requirements. The units are delivered with a custom fit-to-purpose skidding system to skid between the different wells on the platform. The unit can either be installed on existing skid beams on the platform, or installed on existing drillfloor structure to avoid removing the drilling module before operation.

The units can be modularized, down to 20MT modules, or it can be built as a complete system and lifted on to the platform by use of heavy lift crane. The Units can be delivered fully Norsok compliant and CE marked.

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