Advanced Tension Frame

Advanced Tension Frames (ATF) are used for well intervention operation on floaters such as semi-submersible rigs and drill ships. Due to relative movement between riser system and rig, it is necessary to keep the riser in tension and at the same time offer a work window for personnel. Typically this involves rigging up the BOP, Lubricator or Injector inside frame, and change of bottom hole assemblies.

The Dwellop Advanced Tension Frames are designed to achieve maximum level of safety, and at the same time give better operational efficiency and predictability. Our concept provide optimum work conditions for running Coiled Tubing operations, enabling various type injectors and optional side skidding functions for operation on off centre bores. The Advanced Tension Frames enhances wire line operations as well, either by skidding the Injector Lifting Table off centre with the Injector still installed, remove the Injector from the Injector Lifting Table and skid aside, or if necessary, remove the Injector Lifting Table.

The frames can be delivered with various lengths, telescopic, heave compensated and with radio remote operated or hydraulic operated.

Key Benefits

  • For coiled tubing and wireline operations.
  • Less weather dependent and more efficient.
  • Main wich and tool winch integrated in top beam.
  • Eliminates the necessity for personnel working below hanging load.
  • Control of Injector position with possibility to skid in and out of center. Adjustable spears for tilting the Injector.
  • The Injector Elevation Table lifting system is screw based, which increases safety on coiled tubing operations as it is fail safe in case of power or driveline failure.
  • Manipulator arm to ensure safe and predictable lubricator handling during operation/tool change.
  • Rotating Lower Beam with hydraulic gate for easier and safer pick-up of Surface Flow Tree or Well Intervention Adapter with slick joint from catwalk.
  • The Utility winch is equipped with spooling device, and the Main winch and Utility winch are installed on swing arms to give efficient and HSE-friendly lifting operations.
  • Top Beam and Lower Beam is provided with dedicated pad eyes for easy handling.
  • Mobile lifting equipment, it can be shipped off-, and onshore in a transportation basket when needed.