Jacking Frame

The Jacking Frame is developed to ensure safe and efficient injector handling during offshore coiled tubing operations on fixed installations and TLP`s. The main intention for this concept is to place the coiled tubing injector on an elevation (jacking) frame, equipped with or prepared for a work platform, and a system for skidding the injector aside. This to achieve safe and efficient BHA handling between CT runs. 

Our jacking frame differs from others by having a patented synchronised screw system. For the user, this represents considerable advantages with respect to safe operations, easy control and very accurate maneuverability.The screws are self locking in all positions, a fail safe design which will never expose personell to unsecured load. This concept also combines maximum lift height with minimum overall height.

The jacking frame is equipped with an elevation frame which can be elevated on the main legs (corner posts of the JF). The elevation of the frame is performed by 4 synchronised and self-locking skidding screws, which safely elevates the work platform to desired level by means of two hydraulic motors. The elevation frame is equipped with a turntable allowing injector rotation according to reel position and 2 adjustable legs for controlling angular adjustments during connection of injector to riser. The skidding of the turntable on the elevation frame is performed by 2 hydraulic driven, mechanical synchronised screws. A hydraulic operated tool gate is incorporated in one end of the elevation (skid) frame. This to help load tall BHA’s when lifting height is limited


Key benefits:

  • 4  lifting screws which is mechanically synchronized and driven by hydraulic motor
  • Back-up safety nut, in case of lifting nut failure
  • Hydraulic operated injector spears for tilting of injector
  • 360 degree free rotation turntable
  • Side skidding to allow installation of BHAs in riser.
  • BOP handling capabilities
  • Sufficient opening for landing of BOPs through frame while side skidded
  • Hydraulic gate in well end to allow handling of long BHAs
  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Prepared for attachment to skidding system and/or extension frames
  • Adjustable BOP platform with access for make-up of BHAs etc.