Lynx Wireline Mast

New wireline mast;
How to reduce rig up time,
increase efficiency and
operate safe as NORSOK requires

“Enables Safe and Efficient Wireline Operations”

The Lynx is a modular based Wireline Mast specially designed to meet the HSE and Operational requirements for Wireline Operations Worldwide. With the Lynx’s built in adjustable working platforms, it ensures the operators can perform their tasks in a Safe and Efficient way without the need for additional means of access such as scaffolding and other. The telescopic mast is hydraulically erected by a single cylinder, and mechanically locked at each segment, this enables flexible rig up with minimum mast height 25ft and maximum mast height 90ft. The Lynx also includes a feature allowing each segment to be adjusted in 25cm increments should this be required. The Lynx modular design allows for various configurations of winches, and adaptation of lubricator/PCE handling equipment, thus being in accordance with the NORSOK R-003 concerning Safe Handling. The Lynx 2,5m x 2,5m footprint means it requires little deck space, minimizing equipment on deck, and is easily adjusted/aligned with the well even when close to obstructions. The Lynx can be installed and secured by guy wires (from top of frame), or be locked to platform structure by means of Well Intervention Adaptor Hatch, being locked to structure no guy wires will be required, i.e. Safer crane operations in close proximity of the Lynx.



  • Small footprint
  • Anchored to Deck Structure
  • Integrated Working Platforms
  • Adaptable to Skidding System
  • Redundant/Fail Safe Winch
  • Self Contained
  • Self Erecting Mast


Key Benefits:

  • Increased utilization of deckspace
  • No need for external Guy Wires,
  • No need for scaffolding or safety net
  • Flexible system
  • Compliant with Norsok R003
  • No need for transport basket(s)
  • Limited need for Platform crane support 
Dwellop`s Wire Line Mast rigged at Shell's Brent C for wireline operation

Shell UK experience on a 4 well campaign at the Brent C plattform




Saving on Rig Up and Rig Down (D50) times 2,4 days 10 days
Reduction in Rig Up and Down times 60% Total 60%

Lift reduction

18 lifts saved  
Scaffolding required No  
HSE Reduced WAH and DROPs exposure  
Deck space freed up Elimination of guy wires  
«We are very satisfied, Shell Wells globally get a lot of interest from all around the world.»
                                                                                                                                 Shell UK


DWELLOP wireline mast awarded. Dwellop/ Shell is the winner of the ICOTA Innovation Award 2019!!! The Lynx mast has proved to be efficient and safe - setting a new standard in wireline operations