Our Powerstand concept is for offshore and onshore coiled tubing operations. The rough design, proper guiding and tubing protection combined with minimum dead weight represent valuable profits with respect to rig up and operation. The system was developed for operations in the North Sea, with its rough environment and strict HSE requirements. The Dwellop Powerstand system to meet the operational need for safe and efficient drum installation and replacement. The system consists of a powerstand, including all functions for spooling coil, and separate drums with a transport cradle and lifting gear. The system is standardized on drum width, enabling all drums and powerstands to correspond. The powerstand has a foldable levelwind system, jacking system for safe drum installation and access platforms with handrails on sides and levelwind system. The powerstand is delivered in two sizes to accommodate drums from 168” to 232” drums.

The concept is based on having all driving functions on the Powerstand, that enables a simple drum design optimal for weight and price. There are two sizes of Powerstands, one designed for holding our regular drums with maximum outer diameter of 192”, and one for holding our largest drum with an outer diameter of 232”. Our Drop in Drums (DID) comes in a wide range, to facilitate different well depths and coil diameters. This concept eliminates the need for yard spooling.   


Key Benefits

  • A Powerstand can serve several different drums.
  • Drum can be spooled directly by tubing manufacturer.
  • Both drums and Powerstands are designed for road transport.
  • Quick and safe rig up and change of drums.
  • Tubing protected by transport frame during installation.
  • Access platforms on sides and level wind system.
  • Low drum weight, enabling maximum tubing weight capacity.
  • Offshore proof design, minimum maintenance offshore required.
  • Certified for offshore handling.