Well Intervention CT Tower System is used for offshore and onshore well intervention operations.
System provides support structure and enables CT/WL equipment rig-up, running operational tools. Typically this involves installation of BOP, lubricator system, handling of injector head and change of bottom hole assemblies.
Well Intervention CT Tower System is modular construction. Optimized weight and size of modules assures efficient handling and quick mobilization time.  Modules are installed by existing platform’s crane and connected together by doubled secured mechanical locks.
Remotely operated system is able to skid in X-Y direction to reach all well slots on platform’s weather deck. Skidding function is arranged by pair of hydraulic cylinders and gripping tractors engaged in skid beam’s slots.
Telescopic Gin Pole allows the rig-ups to be built safe and efficient without a need for platform crane. This equipment provides also suspension point during WL operations.
The Jacking Frame is located on the work deck module. This equipment is used for Injector Head while doing coiled tubing operations. Change from coiled tubing to wireline work is done by skidding injector head, stripper and CT BOP out of well centre by Jacking Frame table and rearrangement of PCE equipment to WL configuration.
HPU dedicated to system requirements might be supplied upon agreement.


Key Features

  • System provides support structure and facilitates CT/WL equipment rig up for required height
  • Optimized modular construction
  • Independent skidding in X-Y direction
  • Telescopic 15t SWL Gin Pole
  • Jacking Frame with injector skidding and stabbing winch
  • Remotely operated functions
  • Quick change from coiled tubing to wireline work

Key Numbers

GIN POLE SWL: 33,000 lb 15,000 kg
JACKING FRAME SWL: 44,000 lb 20,000 kg
RIG-UP HEIGHT: 90 ft. 30 m

Overall Dimensions

LENGTH: 551" 14 000 mm
WIDTH: 208" 5300 mm
HEIGH: 866" 22 000 mm

General Design Requirements

  • Safe Zone classification (No Ex rating)
  • Painting offshore blue in accordance with Schlumberger SET Paint Craft Standard DMS#1013013021
  • Testing performed according to Dwellop acceptance test



System Functionality


Overall Dimensions


HPU Specifications (example)

  • Diesel HPU for Use with Mineral Based Oils Grade 22 to 46
  • Typical Output: 500 l/min @ 208bar
  • Pressure and Torque Control
  • Starter: Battery with Isolator, 12v
  • Panel: Engine Start, Throttle and Stop Controls. Bypass Valve (Load/Unload) Flow Control Valve and emergency stop
  • Meter, Pressure Control Valve and Gauge
  • Filtration: 10 Micron Pressure Filter, 25 Micron Return and Drain Filter
  • Cooler: Air fan cooler designed for +55 deg. C
  • Reservoir: 1400 Litre Hydraulic Tank, Complete with Filler Breather, Level and Temperature Gauge.
  • Diesel fuel tank: 300 Litre capacity
  • Frame: Steel channel, box section protection frame c/w certified lifting points, fork pockets, tie down
  • Plates & certified rigging design BS EN12079