Well Intervention Systems

Over the years Dwellop has become recognized for delivering high quality systems for well intervention operations all over the world. The systems are based on years or R&D, and close dialog with our customers, focusing on operational safety, efficiency and cost. Our wide portfolio of systems for topside handling during coil tubing and wireline operations include our reputed and standardized products such as;
  • Powerstand systems which is our coiled tubing reel and drum concept for offshore and onshore coiled tubing operations,
  • Advanced Tension Frame which is our coiled tubing lifting frame concept for well intervention operations on floaters, and
  • Jacking Frame which is developed to enable efficient and safe BHA handling between CT runs.

In addition to these systems, Dwellop has a wide portfolio of other systems which contributes to cost-effective and safe well intervention operations. Our product philosophy is to provide products which contribute and enable cost-effective and safe operations. We have high focus on quality, operation and cost during development and improvement of all our systems in order to provide our customers with tools which will add value to their operations. Dwellop is always willing to support our clients with products and services ranging from standard equipment to custom design and specialist engineering analysis.

If you have any questions or require further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.