Dwellop was established in February 2014 after a management buy-out of Rolls-Royce well intervention branch, but the company was originally founded in 1989 as JMC.

JMC is known for delivering high quality products for well intervention operations. Handling systems for coiled tubing and wireline were sold to customers globally, and a strong relationship to the key service providers was established.

In 2007 ODIM bought JMC and ODIM-JMC was established. ODIM was experiencing strong growth and bought JMC with the aim to capture a market leading position in the market niche of handling systems for rigs, vessels and platforms.

In 2010 Rolls-Royce bought ODIM-JMC. After this acquisition the company identified and targeted a market for comprehensive handling systems for workover rigs, Plugging & Abandonment and light drilling. The first Rack & Pinion Modular Rig was developed and delivered – a technological breakthrough.

Today, Dwellop continues the proud legacy for providing the market with cost-efficient and high quality equipment for well intervention operations in addition to further develop and capitalize on our unique experience with comprehensive systems such as modular drilling rigs.