Vision and Values




Dwellop shall be the preferred supplier of mission critical topside handling equipment for well intervention, workover and plug & abandonment operations.

For well intervention, workover and P&A operations, cost-efficient and safe topside handling equipment is vital and critical for efficient operations. As such, technology is an enabler and our deliverables shall contribute to cost-efficient and safe well intervention and P&A operations. For decades, Dwellop have invested in R&D to be able to improve and to provide the market with the best available technology, and we constantly focus on quality, safety and lifetime cost for new technology. 


Our core values are reflected in all aspects of how we conduct our business, it's the essence of our identity and culture.

  • Mutual respect and thrust is a prerequisite for good relationships in our workplace.That means that we are dependent on open communication, acceptance of different opinions and treatment of each other with fairness and respect.
  • We recognize and support each other and are open to individual values, cultures and opinions.
  • We treat each other with generosity, integrity and tolerance.

  • We are proud of our competence, our products, our customers and the results we are creating together. 
  • We are proud of being part of the Dwellop team because we are creating results together in a team spirit.
  • We are proud of each other, and we want to be open minded with the people we meet.

  • We are responsible, and our customers shall trust we deliver in accordance with our promises.
  • We are trustworthy, and this affects our attitude and quality in all deliveries.
  • We are focused on our customers’ needs and expectations, and we are doing our best to accommodate this.