The custom Reel Mover and Spooler from Dwellop offers great flexibility with respect to transit requirements and operational requirements.

The Reel Mover is delivered with the same reliability as the rest of DWELLOP product line.
Overall dimensions listed may be subject to change in project phase.

Key Numbers

SPOOL DIAMETER SIZE: 232" / 5893 mm

SPOOL WIDTH SIZE: 96" / 2438 mm
SPOOLING SPEED MIN: 900 ft/hr / 300 m/hr
SPOOL WEIGHT: 291 000 lbs / 132 tons



Overall dimensions

LENGTH: 326" / 8300 mm
WIDTH: 208" / 5300 mm
HEIGHT (ex. reel): 157" / 4000"


Specifications included 

  • 10 ea. twin rubber inflated boogies
  • Minimum 4 wheel drive
  • All individual steering
  • Inhibitor supply system
  • Radio remote control
  • Remote hydraulic panel for spooling and level-wind operation. Locally control of auxiliary functions on spooling unit.
  • Level-wind platform manually adjustable in height and mechanical locked
  • Reel Mover will include strong base-frame, to enable spooling on uneven ground surfaces
  • Hydraulic connections will be laid out as a single bulkhead
  • The unit will include grease point schematics and grease point labelling.
  • All controls have clear labels for all functions
  • Drip tray with drain valve
  • Arms for spreader beam parking



General Design Requirements

  • Safe Zone classification (No Ex rating)
  • Painting offshore blue in accordance with Schlumberger SET Paint Craft Standard DMS#1013013021
  • Testing performed according to Dwellop acceptance test





HPU Specifications (example)

  • Diesel HPU for Use with Mineral Based Oils Grade 22 to 46
  • Typical Output: 500 l/min @ 208bar
  • Pressure and Torque Control
  • Starter: Battery with Isolator, 12v
  • Panel: Engine Start, Throttle and Stop Controls. Bypass Valve (Load/Unload) Flow Control Valve and emergency stop
  • Meter, Pressure Control Valve and Gauge
  • Filtration: 10 Micron Pressure Filter, 25 Micron Return and Drain Filter
  • Cooler: Air fan cooler designed for +55 deg. C
  • Reservoir: 1400 Litre Hydraulic Tank, Complete with Filler Breather, Level and Temperature Gauge.
  • Diesel fuel tank: 300 Litre capacity
  • Frame: Steel channel, box section protection frame c/w certified lifting points, fork pockets, tie down
  • Plates & certified rigging design BS EN12079

Operational Capabilities

The Reel Mover has the ability to lower and elevate, which allows the Mover to pick up a spool/setting down a spool at will.
The bogies are flexing to distribute the load, maximizing load distribution, which in turn allows the Mover to get on/off transport barges during island relocation.
Both abilities allow the Dwellop Reel Mover to be independent of crane availability.
The Reel Mover undercarriage is rated for safe zone operation only, but when stationary the Mover transforms into a standard Reel (Powerstand) with Ex Zone 1 classification.
It includes also all needed functionality, as inhibitor fluid handling, height adjustable Level Wind and Counter Head with Safety Clamp.
The Mover can be set up with High Pressure Iron and Swivel of choice.
The sequences pictured below is shows the Mover picking up a Spool.

Reel Mover picking up the spool
The Mover includes hydraulically adjustable Levelwind, allowing the Mover to transform into a standard Reel in minutes.

After connecting the hydraulic hoses from the CT cabin, and chicksan, the Mover is ready for CT operation.

Reel Mover ready for CT operation