P&A Solutions

Dwellop offers bespoke solution for P&A operations, that ranges from simple pulling unit to more advanced Rigs with efficient milling capabilities.


P&A Rig

If the P&A campaign requires extensive milling, the preferred solution is Dwellop’s Modular Rig with Top-Drive. The rig offers capable pull and torque, in addition to efficient swarf handling.

The Rig can be delivered fully Norsok compliant.

Pulling Unit

The Dwellop Pulling Unit is designed with the main purpose to cut, pull and handle sections of tubing, casing and conductors in a cost-effective and safe manner. The P&A unit includes a jack assembly with pull capacity up to 300MT to jack all sizes of casing, tubing and pipe that is required for the actual P&A operations. The Jack is offered with hands-off pipe handling for Norths Sea requirements.