Dwellop have several rig designs, varying from cantilever rigs to modular work over rigs. Focus on all the designs are to be within the strict regulations in the Norwegian part of the North Sea. This way of thinking has been incorporated in all our designs, lifting the HSE and efficiency on our design for all parts of the world. Main operations to be performed on our units are:
  • Work overs
  • Plug and abandonment
  • Run wireline or coiled tubing through unit

The unit are designed according to NORSOK regulations and will also include remote operations to be performed from the drillers cabin located in safe distance on the outer part of cantilever.
The units can be operated by a minimum crew of 6 persons and all tripping/drilling operations are remotely performed from the drillers cabin.

Cantilever Dimensions

LENGHT:   30 m
WIDTH:   10 m
HEIGHT:   8 m
WEIGHT:   250 mt


  • 200-350 MT pulling force

  • 30-42 kft/lbs top drive rotation force @ 200 rpm

  • 2 x 1300 hp mud pumps

  • Mud capacity 1500 bbl. or depending customer requirements

  • Remote operated pipe operations

  • 15-35-meter skidding outreach

  • 8-12-meter transverse skidding



  • Set back

  • Casing tong

  • Electrical drive system

  • Re-generation of the electricity

  • Remote operation (DCC in living quarter)

  • Cement unit

  • Coil tubing skidding system on cantilever

Rig - alternative set ups

  • Installed on cantilever either on jack up or liftboat

  • Modularized to be installed on platforms

  • Standalone, installed in larger lifts

  • As a part of a tender rig package

Long Reach Cantilever For The North Sea


Modular Rig installed on skid system


Standalone Workover Unit on well head platform


Cantilever With Coil Spread. Jackinf frame in well center


Cantilever - Overview